Underwater Tunnel

Experience Sea Creatures Swimming Over Your Head in Two Underwater Displays!

Wander through two of our magical Underwater Tunnels to see stunning sea creatures – big and small – up close!
In our full-tunnel walkthrough experience you’ll get to witness the heart of a coral reef filled with colourful sea anemones and corals. Spot the pufferfish, eels and tropical fish who call this reef home, as they swim over your head. There’s also a special floor-to-ceiling viewing window at the end of the tunnel.



Our second underwater half-tunnel puts you underneath a whole host of native fish from 4 different species of native sharks swimming above your head, rays and our gigantic sea bass shoal!
Take your time to spot every one of them!


Tropical Fish

The underwater tunnel is alive with plenty of brightly coloured tropical fish. Keep an eye out for the vibrantly striped oriental sweetlips, the glowing orange ‘Nemo’ clownfish, the vivid blue ‘Dory’ tang fish, the incredible pufferfish, the unique longhorn unicorn fish, and plenty more. How many different fish species can you spot?



Caution! Our floor surfaces change throughout the aquarium. For safety reasons we advise visitors not to wear stiletto heels during their visit.

If you would like to come along and meet all these fascinating creatures, buy your tickets online now for a discounted rate!