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Gift Tickets

Give a memorable gift and treat a loved one to tickets for Bristol Aquarium, IT’S EASY!

  1. Download and print off a gift certificate:
    [Click here to download your Gift Certificate – Colour Version]
    [Click here to download your Gift Certificate – Black and White Version]
  2. buy the tickets online.
  3. fill out the certificate completing all the boxes and dotted lines
  4. pop it in a envelope and see their face light up when they open it!

(The unique reference number is all we need to redeem the certificate, our system will know how many tickets were bought so we can redeem the right amount. Terms and conditions are stated on the certificate).

Gift Membership

For a gift that keeps giving choose an annual membership. Starting from less than £30, your loved one can visit the Aquarium as many times as they like for a whole year! Follow our step by step instructions below!

  1. Download and print off a Annual Membership certificate:

[Click here to download your Annual Membership Certificate – Colour PDF.]

[Click here to download your Christmas Themed Annual Membership Certificate – Colour Version PDF.] 

If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, simply let the giftee know that they have a membership active at Bristol Aquarium and all they need to do is come down to us with the reference number of the membership and/or their name and postcode and we’ll be able to locate them on our system.

2. Buy the Annual Membership online, filling in your details on the billing section and the details of the person who you are buying for on the member section

Click here to purchase

3. If using the certificate, tick the right box and write in the dotted line. Pop it in an envelope and enjoy giving the gift of an Annual Membership!

(These are non-refundable!)

Please note, if you are buying this as a gift, you will still need to put your own address in while filling in the details. This is so it matches the billing address. When the person you have got the membership for comes into Bristol Aquarium, we will issue them their card and we can amend the address.

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Annual Membership

Become an annual member or buy it as a gift to enjoy unlimited visits for 12months!

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