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Aquasnaps exhibition

June 8, 2015

NEW AQUARIUM EXHIBITION AIMS TO INSPIRE ‘AQUA SNAPPERS’ A new exhibition featuring the work of photographer and aquarist Jake Graham is to go on display at Bristol Aquarium on Friday, June 12th.   Featuring creatures from aquariums all over the world captured at thoughtful, surprising and beautiful moments, ‘Aquasnaps’ aims to inspire everyone to pick […]

Going Mobile

June 2, 2015

Bristol Aquarium will hitting the streets with their mobile rockpool during the Festival of Nature at the weekend (June 13th-14th). The rockpool, which has its own chiller, filter and pump, will be part of the aquarium’s stand at the Harbourside festival. The mobile rockpool provides an ideal temporary home for a variety of sturdy rockpool […]

Father builds nest

May 27, 2015

Visitors to Bristol Aquarium are being treated to the unique experience of seeing a fish building an underwater nest. Just like their wild counterparts the Harbourside attraction’s native fifteen-spined sticklebacks have begun breeding this month. Following a complicated mating ritual, the male stickleback began to build an underwater nest made from seaweed. At Bristol the […]

Going Deep Blue

May 16, 2015

Bristol Aquarium will be showcasing some of the marine world’s most impressive inhabitants as part of their new ‘The Deep Blue’ event which runs over the half term holiday (May 23rd – 31st). From ocean heavyweights and colossal creatures to slimy squid and lurking legends there’s oceans of underwater fun just waiting to be discovered. […]

Spiny lobsters

April 24, 2015

Quintet of spiny lobsters have arrived! A rare type of lobster which is normally found in the Mediterranean has gone on display at Bristol Aquarium. The spiny lobsters were caught off the southern tip of Ireland and donated to the Harbourside attraction by Dingle Oceanworld. They have been put on display in a specially-themed tank, […]

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