Sad Goodbye for Bristol Aquarium’s Octopus

Bristol Aquarium says a sad goodbye to Davey Jones, their much loved giant Pacific octopus.

Davey Jones, or DJ as he was more commonly known was a fun, intelligent Octopus who was adored by anyone who met him.

DJ had reached maturity which sadly brought with it a natural end to his lifecycle. He was being closely monitored as all octopus react so differently during what is formally known as senescence. DJ had stopped caring for himself, as would be observed in the wild. He passed away peacefully in his tank.

The aquarium team were heartbroken to have to say goodbye and this news will no doubt sadden annual pass holders and regular visitors alike.

During Easter holidays as Bristol Aquarium had scheduled to host daily Octopus talks at 3:30pm, the team will instead be offering a talk about the sharks and rays in their coral seas display. For more information about this replacement talk please speak to our team on arrival or call in advance on 0117 929 8929.