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Sea Creatures vs. Us

Sea creatures may look completely different to us, but really, we’re not as different as you may think! There’s no denying that they’re heaps better than us at swimming, but we humans have plenty of things in common with our friends in the ocean. Did you know that both your brain and a fish’s brain are structured similarly? Even a sea squirt’s heart has a pacemaker mechanism like that of a human heart.
The ocean is huge and home to many GINORMOUS and teeny tiny fish. In fact, there are more than a million known creatures living in oceans around the world (maybe even 9 million more species that we don’t know about yet!), whilst there are about 7.5 billion people roaming Planet Earth right now.
So, come and take a plunge into the ocean and explore the creatures of the deep with us! From incredible jumpers and speedy swimmers, to fish with more than TWO eyes and fish of rather hefty size, here’s how we compare to the creatures in the big blue sea.
Want to marvel at some of these creatures up close? Come and visit us along Bristol’s harbourside to see a herd of majestic seahorses, some shimmering jellyfish, the smiley rays, the creepy blind cave fish, some graceful sharks, and many, many more fishy friends! Head over to our ticket page to find all the latest online seasonal discounts!

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