Urban Jungle

Only UK aquarium with exotic botanical house

Sculpted on to the south side of Bristol’s biggest aquarium is our very own enormous bio-dome; the Urban Jungle, the only one of its kind at any UK aquarium.


Hundreds of exotic and unusual species

Our super-insulated film roof acts as a thermal blanket, home to unusual plants and flowers from the Mediterranean and Amazon regions.


The winding pathway

A treat for the senses

Experience the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere of a real rainforest and journey through time, past ferns that were growing when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Take the winding walkway path past giant climbing plants which reach high up into the canopy and among the bright and beautiful bougainvillea.

Keep your eyes peeled for flowering banana , your nostrils flared for cheese plants and ears pricked for ponytail palms.


Bristol Aquarium’s Horticulturist, Wendy with Swiss Cheese Plant

Whatever the weather outside this is an exotic oasis where plant life thrives in near perfect growing conditions.

Giant orchid display created by local school

This fascinating orchid display features over 50 different orchid species, all cultivated, grown and installed by the pupils of Writhlington School. It is a spectacular highlight of the Urban Jungle and one you can see grow and flourish over the years to come. Read more about the orchid project here.

Elleanthus humming bird

The Orchid Project by Writhlington School

Caring for our plants

We use no chemicals or pesticides, instead we have enlisted the help of an army of beneficial insects to keep unwanted bugs at bay.


Horticulturist Wendy caring for the plants at Bristol Aquarium

Caution! Our floor surfaces change throughout the aquarium and for safety reasons we advise visitors not to wear stiletto heels during a visit.