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Bay of Rays

The Rocky Shores is where you’ll find our Bay of Rays, located in our Urban Jungle – housed within the warm, tropical environment of the giant botanical house!

The display is open-topped and home to several special types of rays, including common stingray, thornback rays and painted rays. You’ll also see some wrasse and thick-lipped grey mullet.

Our rays are naturally inquisitive creatures, and will likely take as much from observing you as you do observing them!



Malawi Cichlids

Why not take a leisurely walk along the pathway, delving deeper into the Urban Jungle, and overlook the display from the top. Make your way to the top of the walkway and find our Malawi Cichlids display – teeming with vibrant colour and lively activity!

They’re from Lake Malawi in Africa and enjoy warm, tropical waters where these species have bred to become lots of different species where they all look similar but occupy different habitats within this huge lake.

Current Water Temp

14 – 18 /

Water Type


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In This Exhibit

8 Species

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Urban Jungle

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