Sharks from Around the World

See sharks in seven fascinating displays!

Bristol Aquarium is home to a host of shark species from tropical sharks to those found in the UK waters. If you look closely you might also see baby sharks developing inside their egg cases and juvenile sharks growing in our Nursery tanks too!


Three stages of Shark development, growing in their Shark egg cases at Bristol Aquarium

UK waters home to 33 species of shark

Did you know that UK waters are visited by 33 different species of shark? Our native display at Bristol Aquarium is home to some of our most spectacular including;

Bull Huss
Lesser Spotted Cat Sharks
Smooth Hound Sharks
Starry Smooth Hound Sharks
Painted Rays
Blonde Rays
Thornback Rays

Tropical Sharks

Tropical Sharks are very impressive, take a good look in our colourful Coral Seas tank where you can find a Leopard Shark and two Bamboo Cat Sharks. Experience them swimming over your head in our underwater tunnel!

Join us for a Shark talk and feed, details can be found on our events page.

Leopard Shark gracefully swimming

Large sharks

All of the animals here are chosen with the future very much in mind. The adult size of the fish is carefully considered and none of our fish will grow too large for their displays and have to be re-homed.

The largest sharks we have here at the Aquarium are around 1.5 meters in length, fully grown. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to provide long term, sustainable homes for our fish, both now and in the future.

Read more about our conservation and breeding programmes here.


Juvenile Shark born at Bristol Aquarium

Rays and skates

It may surprise you to know that rays and skates are members of the shark family. In fact they are flattened versions of Sharks but with some crucial differences. Read more about which species you can see here in our Bay of Rays.


Juvenile Ray born at Bristol Aquarium

Caution! Our floor surfaces change throughout the aquarium and for safety reasons we advise visitors not to wear stiletto heels during a visit.

If you would like to come along and meet all these fascinating creatures, buy your tickets online now for a discounted rate!