Bay of Rays

Open-top display

The Bay of Rays is located in our Giant Botanical House, otherwise known as The Urban Jungle where you can immerse yourself among thousands of different plant species.


Open top Bay of Rays tank at Bristol Aquarium

The open topped Bay of Rays display is home to several species of ray including blonde, thornback and painted rays. Keep your eyes peeled for one stingray and a bright blue lobster named Charlotte! This tank is also home to wrasse and gurnard, which are some of the most threatened species in our planet’s oceans.

UK species of ray

Thornback rays are native to the UK and get their name from the ridge of rose-thorn like spines which form a line down their back.


Thornback Ray at Bristol Aquarium

The Rays are very inquisitive and want to watch you as much as you watch them! If your lucky they will come over and bob up and down – they make a great photo opportunity!


Staff cleaning the tank are joined by an inquisitive Ray!

Birds eye view

A multi-level walkway takes visitors on a pathway around the display allowing a unique birds eye view on some of the most popular marine animals in our aquarium.


Birds eye view of the Botanical House at Bristol Aquarium

Talk and Feed

Daily at 1pm

Come and meet one of our enthusiastic Aquarists as they talk about the fish in this display before feeding them and sharing an important message about global conservation for these spectacular rays.


Staff feeding the Rays at Bristol Aquarium

Caution! Our floor surfaces change throughout the aquarium and for safety reasons we advise visitors not to wear stiletto heels during a visit.

If you would like to come along and meet all these fascinating creatures, buy your tickets online now for a discounted rate!