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6 Fun Facts About the Japanese Banded Houndshark

When you think of sharks, you might have an image in your head from a certain Spielberg film. A ferocious predator out for blood. However, this Hollywood caricature does these incredible animals a disservice. There are more than 500 species of shark that can be found in today’s oceans. These range from tiny Dwarf Lantern … Continued

15 Facts About Atlantic Wreckfish

The Atlantic wreckfish (Polyprion americanus),or stone bass as it’s perhaps more commonly known, is a large species of deep-swimming fish that’s found – rather confusingly given its name – in a handful of oceans across the globe. It also happens to be one of the biggest and most striking members of the Ocean Floor exhibit … Continued

Animals that Find a Home in Sunken Ships

From the Atlantic seaboard to the wilds of Australia’s Pacific coast, the world’s oceans are strewn with shipwrecks – remnants of voyages lost to the deep blue. But while such sites are certainly poignant, they do have one upshot: providing an unexpected habitat and safe haven for dozens of marine species. You see, when a … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Eels

These slippery creatures are mysterious, shadowy fish that are recognised for being more snake-like. If you don’t know much about eels, you’re in for a treat as we dive in and learn a little more about these powerful and fascinating animals. You can of course come and see our eels up close and personal at … Continued

6 Facts You Need to Know About Piranhas

Despite the horror film from 1978, piranhas are one of the world’s most misunderstood fish. Part of the Serrasalmidae family, there are thought to be around 30-60 different species of piranhas but the exact number of is actually unknown. While they might not be the prettiest of creatures to look at, piranhas really are fascinating … Continued

Do Octopuses Have Bones? Hydrostatic Skeletons Explained

The octopus is a fascinating creature, both inside and out. From its unique number of arms and three hearts down to its extreme intelligence thanks to having an impressive total of nine brains, there’s so many interesting facts to get to grips with. Octopuses can also do many incredible things, including walking and camouflaging to … Continued

Teaching Kids About Conservation

Conservation has long been a hot topic, with increasing importance placed upon getting it right and changing the future for the better. There are targets and plans at almost every level of society, from personal tasks such as recycling to governmental targets such as going carbon neutral. There are loads of different areas of conservation, … Continued

The Biggest Fish in the World: Whale Sharks

Massive, majestic, mighty – few superlatives do justice to the magnificent whale shark. These colossal animals are, as you may already know, the largest species of fish in our seas. But aside from sheer size, what else do you need to know about them? That’s what we’re here to find out. We’ve pieced together a … Continued

From the Screen to the Sea: Discover the Fish from Finding Nemo

Few movies – especially animated ones – capture the beauty of our seas and oceans quite like Finding Nemo. This 2003 Disney classic did an outstanding job of showcasing the colour and diversity of the world’s underwater habitats, along with all the beautiful creatures that live within them. Of course, some of the marine animals … Continued

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