Raising Awareness

We work raise awareness of some very important conservation work, all set out to protect our oceans and the aquatic species that depend on it.

Big Fish Campaign

Big fish need big tanks; this campaign promotes responsible buying and selling of these larger species.

At Bristol Aquarium our ‘Mighty Amazon’ display is filled with unwanted animals, from terrapin turtles and cat fish to pacu and rays. These species had all outgrown their home aquaria and were subsequently donated to us.

See the following link to find more about this campaign: http://www.bigfishcampaign.org/

REMEMBER: Do you research before purchasing an animal!

Catfish at Bristol Aquarium

Catfish in the Amazing Amazon display at Bristol Aquarium

Shark Trust

Many sharks are on the ‘list of threatened species’ and conserving these incredible animals is becoming increasingly important to secure their future. From signing petitions to ban shark finning to hosting your own shark egg case hunt there are so many ways to get involved.

See the following link for more information about this charity: http://www.sharktrust.org/

Juvenile Catshark at Bristol Aquarium

Juvenile Catshark at Bristol Aquarium