Our Environmental Impact

Environmental awareness

As a facility at the heart of Bristol, we are mindful of the impact our operation has on the environment.

We are focussed on:

–   Methods of energy monitoring and saving
–   Waste reduction and ways to improve our recycling
–   Mass switch-over to LED lighting throughout
–   Encouraging our staff to buy-into sustainable practices on-site
–   Reducing the environmental impact of our building and operations

Blue Reef_MG_1055

In line with the regulations laid down by the Secretary of State, we conform with all aspects of Zoo Licence operation and aim to exceed the expectations of monitoring zoo vets and Secretary of State Zoo inspectors.

This includes having six-monthly zoo vet visits, ensuring our staff Continuing Professional Development is in-hand and performing an Ethical Review at least once a year.

Native Species

All native species have either been transported from existing aquarium exhibits or responsibly collected in accordance with our DEFRA small animal collection licence.

Tropical Marine

All our tropical species have been sourced either from other aquariums or from Marine Aquarium Council accredited suppliers.

Tropical Freshwater

A large number of the tropical freshwater fish have been re-homed from wildlife rescue organisations after being either donated, abandoned or confiscated – many have simply outgrown their original tanks and will be able to live out the remainder of their lives in spacious, naturally-themed habitats.