Native Aquatic Life in Our Sunken Ship

Our Sunken Ship exhibit is a bit like peering into a whole other world. The ship, with its seafaring days long gone, has been taken over by native fish of every description. It’s a hulking remnant of voyages gone wrong, and it’s now become home for a wide range of underwater species.




There are some colourful characters for you to meet. From catsharks to crayfishes, the exhibit is inspired by the UK coastline and its diverse cast of creatures. The exhibit is suitable for all ages, with plenty to explore!

You’ll encounter the smooth-hound shark, with its pointed snout and pack-like mentality (hence why they’re called hounds). Then there’s the extremely rare orange lobster as well as a fascinating smack of moon jellyfish.



The Sunken Ship exhibit is also a prime example of the aquarium’s excellent conservation efforts. We replicate the environments that our fish are used to, providing sustainable and long-term homes for all.

If you’d like to experience the Sunken Ship exhibit for yourself, you can see ticket prices here. We provide expert talks and feeding demonstrations, too.

Save money and buy your tickets online today!


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