Native Aquatic Life in Our Sunken Ship

Life-size replica sunken ship

Upon entering the aquarium through a ships hull you’ll come face-to-face with hundreds of native species who have made this sunken ship their home.


Sunken Ship replica at Bristol Aquarium

From rocky cliffs to sandy beaches the UK has one of the most diverse and rich coastlines in the world. Come and see up close what is thriving in our very own UK waters.

Immerse yourself in our newly unveiled candy-cane window display!

In this zone you’ll meet

  • Smoothhound sharks
  • Catsharks
  • Giant North Sea fish
  • Pipefish and sticklebacks
  • Crayfish
  • Plumrose anemones
  • Cuckoo Wrasse and Ballan Wrasse

Look out for Budgie the Ballan Wrasse – he’s obsessed with his own reflection!



Jellyfish at Bristol Aquarium

Talk and feed

Mon, Wed, Fri – 4pm
Come and meet one of our Aquarist team members and hear them talk about the fantastic variety of fish and creatures found in our UK waters and then watch the feeding frenzy!

Caution! Our floor surfaces change throughout the aquarium and for safety reasons we advise visitors not to wear stiletto heels during a visit.

Come and see the fascinating creatures at Bristol Aquarium – save money and buy your tickets online today!