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Anemones can be found all around the world in a variety of different habitats and locations. Whilst they certainly look plant-like, they are actually animals in the invertebrate group. They are in a family of animals called Cnidarians and are closely related to jellyfish and types of coral!

Anemones are similar to their relatives in that they have stinging cells along their tentacles called cnidocytes. These cells help the anemones to stun and capture their prey as it floats past.

In our Rockpool at Bristol Aquarium we have a range of anemone species from Dahlia anemones, Strawberry anemones and Plumose anemones. See if you can spot all of the different types and keep an eye out the next time you go to the beach to see if you can find any there!



What do they eat?

Plankton, krill



Water Type


Where are we?

Across the World

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