Captive Breeding & Conservation for Our Aquatic Life

Captive breeding

Captive breeding is an important aspect of Bristol Aquarium’s philosophy and an excellent indicator of the health and well-being of our stock.

Captive breeding not only helps ease the pressure on wild populations but also allows more research to be done both on their behaviour and on ways to help safeguard their long term future in the wild.

Successes at Bristol Aquarium

Bristol Aquarium has successfully bred and is still successfully breeding all sorts of aquatic animals from tiny seahorses to a whole host of shark species. Here are just a selection of those being born at Bristol Aquarium:

Moon jellies

Baby cat shark and egg case at Bristol Aquarium

Long Term Homes

Bristol Aquarium is part of a new generation of animal attractions that concentrates on displaying aquatic life in as near natural conditions as possible.

Blue Reef_MG_0730

All of the animals at the aquarium were chosen with their future very much in mind. The adult size of the fish was carefully considered and none of our fish will ever grow too large for their displays and have to be re-homed.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to provide long term, sustainable homes for our fish, both now and in the future.

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