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Staff at Bristol Aquarium are being inundated with questions about the city newest star ‘Chris the crocodile’.
The Harbourside attraction has been contacted throughout the day by people querying if they are missing a large reptile.
Following a spate of alleged sightings and the posting of a number of purported photos of the crocodile online, officials at the aquarium have moved to quash any rumours.
Bristol Aquarium’s Tina Patel said: “Since Chris was first sighted on Tuesday we have had a steady stream of calls and questions from the public asking if he could have escaped from here.
“However I’d like to make it absolutely clear that we do not have any crocodiles here on site and, if we did, we’d certainly never let one escape!
“There was some confusion when some visitors saw our display of crocodile skinks, which are small lizards and not actually related to crocodilians at all, but we have now moved to clarify the situation with extra signage.
“We are even thinking of putting a notice up in reception to stop all the queries,” she added.
Although aquarists remain highly sceptical that a large crocodile could be on the loose in the city, they are not entirely ruling out the possibility.
Curator Dan de Castro said: “It is incredibly unlikely that there is anything to the story, however if Chris is out there then we would be more than happy to offer him a temporary home – as long as he promised to behave himself and not go wandering again.”
Since he was sighted by a bus driver on Tuesday, Chris has been busy. He has set up at least two Twitter accounts and posed for a series of photographs around the city.
Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information please contact Tina Patel on 0117 929 8929 or email [email protected] .

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