Alternative nights out for you and your friends: 6 things to do instead of your usual hangout 

A drink in the local, coffee catch-ups or a gossip over dinner; we can all get into a rut of doing the same thing over and over with our group of mates. But how do you get out of it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From underwater quiz nights to the tiniest cinema in Bristol, we’ve put together the guide to our top 6 alternative nights out for an evening you won’t forget. 

Underwater Quiz Night at Bristol Aquarium 

Fancy yourself a clever Octopus? Take on Bristol Aquarium’s after dark quiz on the 12th of September 2019. Gather your teammates and put your aquatic knowledge to the test as you’re surrounded by the ocean’s coolest sea creatures. With no kids allowed, prizes up for grabs and onsite cocktails, it’s everything you need for a night to remember with your mates. 

Quizmaster not your thing? There’s no need to worry, tickets also include full access to the aquarium. So spend the evening wandering through the underwater tunnels, and discover the wide range of amazing sea animals. From thornback rays and smoothhound sharks to giant pacu’s and clownfish, you’ll be entertained for hours. 

And there’s even better news… tickets cost the price of the aquarium’s usual child’s ticket. How could you possibly pass that up? Head to this page for more information and to get hold of your tickets!


Go bouldering at the local rock climbing centre

Put your muscles to the test with a trip to your local rock climbing centre. Get to grips with the wall as you climb without a harness or ropes. 

Scared of heights? There’s no need to worry. 

Bouldering only involves climbing at lower heights and you’re always above safety mats on the floor. It’s super easy to get started and makes a fun social evening too. 

Most bouldering places are open evenings and weekends, so if you’re looking for a more active friend-date, give it a go. 


Explore Redcliffe Caves

Go back in time to the middle ages with a visit to Redcliffe Caves. Stretching out over an acre beneath Bristol is a labyrinth of man made tunnels. The Redcliffe caves were originally dug out to mine sandstone used in the glass and pottery industries, and today they still stand filled full of history. 

Looking for an adventure? Take one of their evening tours for a guaranteed interesting night out. 

And don’t forget, the tunnels are pretty dark with uneven footing, so wear a good pair of shoes, and remember your torch! 


Chill out with a film at Bristol’s smallest cinema

Seating an audience of just 11, this tiny cinema will make for an interesting night out. Costing only £50 for a 2-hour slot, you and your pals can pick a movie of your choice and settle in for the evening with popcorn, chocolate, or you can even order-in pizza!  

So where is this cosy little gem? You can find it hidden away in the back of a DVD rental store, the only one left in Bristol in fact. 


Board Game Cafe

From Chess and Jenga to Cluedo and Uno, a good game session is totally underrated. So crack out your old board games or grab your mates and head to your nearest games cafe. 

Order in a round of coffee, and get your competitive streak going. Whether you choose to play one-on-one, or amp it up a notch with a team effort, you’ll be in for a night of laughs. 


Dance the night away at a fitness rave

Combining a workout with the best bits of a night out, head to a fitness rave for a night you’ll remember. Climb into your lycra, grab a neon headband and glowstick while you’re at it, and prepare yourself for an evening of music, fun and endorphins. 

If you hate the gym, this one’s for you. With such high energy and a groovy atmosphere, you won’t feel like you’re exercising, especially when you spend most of the time laughing at how ridiculous you all look!


Try something different with Bristol Aquarium! Head to the calendar on our website to learn more about what’s on.