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Award-winning designer to create ‘C-Shed’ café

Bristol Aquarium has enlisted the help of an award-winning designer to create their new ‘C-Shed’ Café.
The Harbourside attraction has been working with Bristol-based Joe Ravenhill of Ravenhill Design to build the new interactive, themed café area.
The new café has a nautical theme with a central pirate-ship hub which features a ‘C-Monster’ kids activity area.
Children can design their own ‘C-Monster’ while also interacting with a giant treasure map or looking out for pirates through telescopes and binoculars.
Bristol Aquarium’s David Waines said: “After looking at visitor feedback, we decided something had to be done about our café.
“Not only did we want to bring more natural daylight and colour into the café but we wanted to create spaces for ‘everyone’ and ensure that the café appealed to all our visitors.
“We worked with designer Joe Ravenhill who has assisted on previous aquarium projects. What Joe has created is an ‘on-trend’ café space which is both colourful and relaxing.
“It embraces the industrial themes commonly seen in the Harbourside, like tongue-and-groove boards and stencilled motifs.
“The ‘shed’ term used in the name relates to the great number of industrial sheds which peppered Bristol’s Harbourside in the 19th century, many of which still exist today.
“Joe has also cleverly combined this with suspended acrylic discs to diffuse sunlight, striped flooring and bright pirate themes for ‘C-Monster’, all of which brings a playful beach feel to the setting” he added.
The work was completed by local firm Bureau Bespoke, based in Keynsham. Tables and chairs were provided by Office Reality.
As part of the re-development the aquarium is also changing it menu to better reflect the requirements of visitors and there will also be free wi-fi access installed in the near future.
Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information and to arrange picture/ filming opportunities please contact Sarah Moore or David Waines on 0117 929 8929.

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