Easter 2022 – Aquatic Adventures

Experience a family fun day out with an Aquarium Adventure of the sea this Easter holiday. A marine Easter Egg hunt at Bristol Aquarium and plenty of additional events available to the public. Fantastic for kids, lots of fun, lots to learn for visitors of all ages.

The event runs from Saturday 9th of April up until Sunday 24th of April.

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What’s Coming to Bristol Aquarium?

11:00 – Sandpit Search
A sandpit set up with what you will find at beaches around the UK – from plastic pollution to mermaid’s purses.

11:30 – Coral Seas Talk & Feed
Discover all about the world of tropical coral reefs, one of the planet’s most diverse and colourful habitats. This is your chance to witness a feeding frenzy close up as over 300 fish are fed before your eyes!

12:00 – Fishy Families
Match up the parents and babies of certain species, harder than it looks!

12:30 – UK Native / Seahorse Talk & Feed
Mon, Wed, Fri – Watch our aquarists as they feed our giant native fish in their open-top shipwreck display.
Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun – Our big belly seahorses, located in our learning lab, are a favourite. We breed them in captivity and learn a little more about them from the team behind the breeding.

1:30 – Bay Of Rays Talk & Feed
In the open top Bay of Rays display enjoy close encounters with these graceful fish and learn all about their environment. Located in the first botanical house

2:30 – Amazon Talk & Feed
Pacus are close relatives of the infamous piranhas and we’ve got some real giants living here at the aquarium. These piranha relatives are actually vegetarians! Located in the second botanic house.

3:00 – Rockpool Talk
A replication of a rockpool you would be able to find around the shores of the UK – this is how our Marine Biologists’ ignited their interest in sea-life.

3:30 – Sharks Talk & Feed
Find out what our sharks eat in our large Coral Reef display. Meet Arabian Carpet Sharks, Port Jackson Sharks and our Banded Houndshark!


*All talks and feeds are subject to change. Please check our WHAT’S ON board when you arrive for a run-down of the events on that day.