Virtual Experience at Bristol Aquarium

Come and experience our immersive VR experience at Bristol Aquarium provided to us by our partners at ImmotionVR. We have three different storylines which include a virtual scuba dive with Sharks, a virtual glimpse into the mystery of Humpback whales. For an animated story choose Drift, a story of a boy navigating a mystical and plastic filled ocean.


£5 per person  – for a 5 to 7 minute experience.
Purchase tickets when you arrive on our front desk.


Shark Dive
Travel with us as we try to find Tiger Beach – a mythic underwater strip where some of the world’s largest sharks, including apex predator tiger sharks, are said to gather.


Diving with Humpbacks


A world-first experience, Swimming with Humpbacks provides an incredibly rare glimpse of one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet.

Virtually every move the whales made have all been captured for VR in live action 3D for the first time.




An animated third person story about a little boy who experiences the ocean through befriending a mystical mermaid, and swimming away from a giant shark. The boy is also taught the importance of keeping our oceans clean through encountering the plastic-tainted beauty of the ocean.


All three seats need to be on the same experience at the same time. If you want to have a different experience you will have to wait until the next go.