Summer Holiday Events 2021


What to do in Bristol in the summer? Our Summer Rays events provide families with non-stop fun under the sea. Paired with an immersive learning experience led by our trained Aquarists it is the ideal family day out!

The events run from Saturday 24th of July until Wednesday the 1st of September across the entire Summer Holidays.

WHAT’S ON at the Aquarium?


We have multiple talks happening throughout the day as highlighted on the image to the right, a short description of each activity, talk and feeding can be seen below:


Coral Seas

All about tropical fish, those that live in warm water highlighting some of the larger predators in this display such as our Giant Grouper, Cow Nose Rays & Unicorn Tang.


Native To UK

The sea’s around the UK have some really interesting and sizeable species of fish – these include Atlantic Wreckfish, Sea Bass & Smooth Hound Shark.


All About Rays

It wouldn’t be Summer Rays without showcasing our extensive species of Rays, Sting Rays & Skates. Although we have Rays scattered across the Aquarium, this display set in our giant Botanical house is home to 4 different species of Rays.


Amazon River

Be transported into the rainforest with a walkthrough our Amazon display, home to Black & Red Pacu, Stingrays and fan favorite Weston the Geoffrey’s Side Necked Turtle!


Other Activites

Ask our staff about our other activities which may be on including an introduction to our Giant Pacific Octopus, Davey Jones! A workshop about the origination of Rays and fun facts about our Seahorses which we breed here at the Aquarium!