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The Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) is an enigma of an animal. They are incredibly intelligent animals with a similar intelligence to a three year old human toddler!

They have some outlandish biological features including having three strong hearts that pump copper-rich blue blood; eight arms (not tentacles!) capable of moving independently, lined with hundreds of tasting suckers; nine brains (one true brain and eight complex neural centres at the base of each arm) and the hardest part of them is their beak.

Octopuses are capable of fitting through the smallest of gaps as their bodies are mostly made from flexible muscles.



What do they eat?

Crabs, fish, molluscs



Water Type

Cold saltwater

Where are we?

North Pacific

Perks of the job!


We task the octopus with puzzles and training to keep her stimulated!

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