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Atlantic Wolffish (Anarhicas lupus) are menacing looking fish that live within the coldest depths. They have an eel-like appearance as they are usually stay still in one place with their mouth exposed. The reason that these animals do not move very much is because they have a slow metabolism to help them conserve energy in the cold depths.

Another interesting adaptation the Atlantic Wolffish has is a natural ‘anti-freeze’ in their blood. This helps them to keep their circulatory systems moving whilst they are staying still in the freezing depths.

The wolfish here at the aquarium are one of the more friendly creatures we have, often coming to the surface when the keepers are behind the scenes at the top of the tank, and even enjoy having a few tickles! This is a great opportunity for the keepers to have a close look over their bodies and check they are healthy. This behaviour is even seen in wild wolf fish, where the actively swim over to divers for interaction. It is thought that the wolfish enjoy the warmth from the divers hands, which are much warmer than the surrounding cold water.



What do they eat?

Sea urchins and crabs



Water Type

Cold saltwater

Where are we?

North Atlantic, UK coasts

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