Bristol Aquarium is dedicating this weekend (Saturday, April 20th- Sunday, April 21st) to some of the aquatic world’s record breakers.

From sharp-shooting archer fish to acrobatic octopus and heavyweight lobsters, there’s a whole host of highly impressive underwater record-breakers featured.

Visitors to the aquarium will be able to find out about the biggest, fastest, slowest, rarest, loudest and most deadly animals in the aquatic world.

There will also be a free record breaking quiz trails around the displays and a full programme of daily talks, activities and feeding demonstrations.

Bristol Aquarium’s Tina Patel said: “The aquatic world is home to some truly impressive record holders, many of which could hold their own against any human athlete.

“We thought it was about time that they got some recognition and the Record Breakers Weekend is our way of paying tribute to them.”

As well as athletic achievement, the record-breakers also include information on everything from the creature with the largest eye in the animal kingdom to the one with the longest tongue!

There’s a world of incredible aquatic adventure just waiting to be discovered at Bristol Aquarium with over 40 amazing displays, an underwater walkthrough tunnel and giant open top tanks to explore.

Come face to face with thousands of amazing sea creatures; from tropical sharks and stingrays to giant octopus and elegant seahorses.

The centrepiece of the aquarium is the coral seas display where visitors can enjoy the closest of undersea encounters with tropical sharks and rays in an underwater walk-through tunnel, via a two-metre concave bubble display and a massive floor to ceiling acrylic viewing window.

Other displays recreate mangrove swamps and are home to spitting archer fish, mudskippers and freshwater rays. There are Amazon rainforest pools full of piranhas and a recreated South American fishing village.

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Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information please contact Tina Patel or David Waines on 0117 929 8929.