A scuba-diving Santa Claus entertained visitors by taking the plunge at Bristol Aquarium this week.

The fearless Father Christmas braved shark-infested tropical waters at the Harbourside attraction to bring a bit of seasonal goodwill to all men (and fish).

The sub-aquatic Saint Nick shared the giant tropical ocean display with a variety of sharks, rays and hundreds of brightly coloured reef fish.

Bristol Aquarium’s David Waines said: “Submerged in a giant fish tank surrounded by curious sharks may not be the first place you’d expect to encounter Father Christmas.

“It just goes to show there really isn’t anywhere Santa can’t go – and it’s certainly a lot warmer than the North Pole!

“We’re not sure if it’s because of his bright red coat but the sharks and other fish did seem to be rather curious and about the new arrival and tended to follow him around the display which made for some spectacularly close encounters for Santa,” he added.

The aquarium will also be offering visitors a temporary escape from the wintry weather with a special Caribbean Christmas event over the festive period.

The Harbourside attraction has decided to forego the traditional English Christmas themes of ice and snow and elected instead to transport their festivities to warmer climes.

A medley of steel drum Christmas carols will be playing and younger visitors will be able to their hand at some Caribbean Christmas decoration making.

The aquarium is also setting up a 12 Fishy Days of Christmas trail around the displays. Based on the famous yuletide rhyme, the fishy version includes everything from ‘a puffer fish in a coral tree’ to ‘seven seahorse swimming’!