A frogman helped deliver a surprise marriage proposal at Bristol Aquarium at the weekend.

Aquarist Juan Iraola helped boyfriend Tom Iles pop the question to unsuspecting partner Ally during a tour of the Harbourside attraction.

uan dived in to the aquarium giant tropical ocean display and unveiled a sign which read: ‘Boo will you marry me’.

At the same time Tom went down on one knee to officially ask the question and, after a moment’s shocked hesitation, Ally said ‘yes’.

Bristol Aquarium manager David Waines, who helped Tom organise the whole event, said he was incredibly relieved it all went to plan.

“He had come in earlier in the week to discuss the details of the proposal and to make sure we’d got the timings right.

“He was incredibly nervous on the big day – which was completely understandable – but we managed to get everyone where they needed to be at the right time and Juan did a great job of revealing the proposal in a giant viewing window into our tropical ocean display.

“I was actually there when it happened and you could see the shocked surprise in Ally’s eyes. Then Tom got down on one knee and we all held our breath. Fortunately there was nothing to worry about as Ally said ‘yes’ very quickly once she’d recovered from the initial surprise.

“It was a wonderful moment and everyone who witnessed it felt quite emotional. We all would like to offer our own congratulations and wish them all the best for the future,” he added.

 The couple have been invited to return to the aquarium for a complimentary visit so that Tom can actually enjoy the experience in a more relaxed manner.

Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information please contact Tina Patel and David Waines on 0117 934 0944.