A fantastical 10-metre-tall giant octopus which appears to be breaking out of Bristol Aquarium is making a big impact on passers-by.

The awesome cephalopod, which is pictured smashing its way through a brick wall while playfully grabbing a camper van, is part of a giant new mural which adorns the side of the Harbourside attraction.

It’s the creation of Bristol-based designer Joe Ravenhill, who enlisted the help of fellow Bristolian and 3D visualisation artist Justin Dowling to create a photo-realistic image of the octopus.

In the past Justin has worked with the Natural History Museum in London where he helped to create the image of a dinosaur crashing out of the front of the building.

“We love the way the octopus has turned out. It’s got real impact towering above the people and cars on the street, and Justin has made the glass seem to disappear so it appears as if you are looking into an actual aquarium at a really dynamic scene,” said Joe.

“It was important for us that it looks as realistic as possible, we paid great attention to the octopus’ colour and texture. We wanted it to look like it could be real, and we even spent time with the aquarium’s own giant Pacific octopus to ensure it was as anatomically accurate as possible,” he added.

The graphic was printed by Bristol company called N3, who applied the large metre-wide strips vertically right across the whole window front using a cherry picker. They too went to great lengths to ensure the result was as authentic as possible, including colour-matching the print to the real bricks.

Bristol Aquarium’s Park Director, David Waines, said: “We wanted to create a truly eye-catching image which would capture the imagination, but we also wanted to ensure it was marvellous and magical rather than monstrous and frightening.

“Octopus are playful, curious and relatively intelligent animals and I hope this mural reflects our admiration for them in a fun and exciting way.

“The finished result is stunning and it brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees it – I’ve already heard of people going out of their way to walk past it and it’s proving to be a great photo-opportunity for visitors to the Harbourside” he added.

Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information and to arrange picture or interview opportunities please contact David Waines or Tina Patel on 0117 929 8929.