Bristol Aquarium officially unveiled their new mobile rockpool during the Festival of Nature at the weekend.

The rockpool, which has its own chiller, filter and pump, proved a big hit with visitors to the Harbourside event who flocked to the aquarium’s stand.

Aquarists, who built the mobile exhibit, plan to use it as an educational facility for school visits and other activities away from the aquarium.

The ‘Rockpool Roadshow’ provides an ideal temporary home for a variety of sturdy rockpool creatures including crabs, starfish, shrimps, baby sharks and sea anemones.

Bristol Aquarium’s David Waines said: “Children absolutely love the sea but often it’s simply not practical for a school to take a trip to the seaside so, instead, we bring it to them.

“The new rockpool is a fully-equipped, miniature aquarium which means we can take it virtually anywhere. We can go into schools and give students a surprise trip to the seaside without them ever having to leave their classrooms!”

As well as being able to enjoy close encounters with a variety of marine life the mobile display also enables people to learn how to rockpool safely and responsibly.

“People will even have the opportunity to get to grips with some of the sturdier rockpool residents in special ‘meet the creatures‘ sessions,” said David.

“The Rockpool Roadshow will provide a fantastic introduction to the world beneath the waves and, hopefully, inspire people of all ages to find out more about the sea,” he added.

As well as visiting local schools and other groups, staff plan to use the mobile rockpool at a series of special events in the city throughout the coming months.