Visitors to Bristol Aquarium are being invited to come up with an appropriate name for their newest arrival.

The aquarium has just taken delivery of a giant Pacific octopus and staff are hoping the public will be able to come up with a new name for the bizarre-looking cephalopod.

The Harbourside attraction has set up a special naming box alongside the octopus’ display and a team of judges from the aquarium will pick a winner.

The person who comes up with the winning name will also win a year’s free membership to the aquarium.

Bristol Aquarium’s David Waines said: “Our aquarists have come up with some suggestions of their own but we felt this would be a great opportunity to get the visitors involved.

“We’ll aim to run the competition for a month and then decide on what we think is the most appropriate suggestion.

“The only stipulation is that it must be a boy’s name, as he is a male, and that it must, if at all possible, reflect her character. He’s extremely active and very playful so we’re hoping for something quite dynamic!” he added.

Giant Pacific octopus are the world’s largest species of octopus and are found from Japan to Southern California . The biggest recorded specimen had an arm span of 10 metres (33ft) and weighed 270kgs (600lbs).

As well as being the largest, the giant Pacific is also among the cleverest members of the cephalopod family.

Despite their intelligence giant Pacific octopus are relatively short lived – going from the size of a rice grain at birth to being fully grown within the space of two years.

Issued on behalf of Bristol Aquarium. For more information please contact David Waines or Tina Patel on 0117 934 0944 or Dan de Castro on 0117 934 0943 .