Bristol Aquarium is showcasing the real-live stars who inspired the hit film Finding Nemo throughout the Easter holidays.

To coincide with the launch of the 3D version of the animated classic, visitors will be able to meet many of the real life creatures which inspired the creation of Bubbles, Bloat the blowfish, Bob the seahorse, Gurgle the gramma fish, Peach the sea star, Deb the damselfish and Jacques the cleaner shrimp.

The Harbourside attraction is also home to a colony of clownfish which share their display with living anemones and a newly-arrived quartet of baby regal tangs – which are the fish ‘Dory’ is based on.

Bristol Aquarium’s Tina Patel said: “Finding Nemo had a huge effect on our visitors. Everyone now knows what a clown fish looks like and is much more aware of the incredible variety of creatures found in the world’s oceans”.

“We’re hoping the new 3D version will inspire even more people to find out about these fascinating fish.

“When they see Nemo and the other characters are actually based on real creatures it encourages them to relate much more closely to the other marine creatures we have here at the aquarium and also those living around our shores,” she added.

The tribute to ‘Finding Nemo’ is just part of a series of special events and activities taking place at the aquarium throughout the Easter holidays.

Visitors can find out all about the aquarium’s newest arrivals in the nursery area, help feed the giant fish in the mighty Amazon display and the brightly-coloured African cichlids, meet the awesome giant Pacific octopus, join the shark and ray feeds and create their own cracking egg in the craft workshops.

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Issued by Bristol Aquarium. For more information please contact Tina Patel or David Waines on 0117 929 8929.