Bristol Aquarium is paying tribute to some of the marine world’s most magnificent mums this weekend (Sunday, March 10th).

The event is part of the Harbourside attraction’s Mother’s Day celebrations and there will be a free cookie for every mum as well as a craft workshop for youngsters to create their own Mother’s Day card.

Themed talks and feeding demonstrations will showcase maternal instincts throughout the natural world – from attentive amphibians to caring cephalopods!

Bristol Aquarium’s David Waines said: “Mother’s Day is always a particularly popular time for families to visit the aquarium and we thought it would add to the celebration of motherhood by highlighting some of the aquatic world’s most loving mothers.

“In reality many sea creatures lavish lots of care and attention on their babies ranging from tiny seahorses to giant whales – in some cases they are even prepared to die to protect them,” he added.

Freshwater cichlids carry the babies’ eggs in their mouths until they hatch and, even after they are born, the tiny fry will swim back into their mothers’ mouths if they sense danger.

Mother stingrays are pregnant for a year before giving birth to up to 10 live young.

Octopus make extremely dedicated mothers – protecting their eggs with their lives. They are so committed to the survival of their young that they stop feeding for six months and die soon after the eggs hatch.

One of the marine world’s best mums is actually a dad! Seahorses are rare in the animal world in that it is the male rather than the female who carries the eggs and gives birth to live young.

They are able to do this because of a specially adapted brood pouch on their abdomen.

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