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Giant Pacific Octopus

Upon leaving our first botanical house step out into our harbourside area home to our famous Giant Pacific Octopus.

The Giant Pacific Octopus is one of the largest Octopus species in the world and can reach over 5metres in length. Each tentacle has a double row of suckers used to catch prey and explore their environment.

The Giant Pacific Octopus is one of the cleverest members of the Cephalopod family, other Octopus have been filmed sneaking out of their displays on midnight raids to other tanks!

The Giant Pacific Octopus can also solve complex tasks and puzzles and as one of the stars of Bristol Aquarium his display is host to some of our talks and feeds.

The Harbourside area also allows visitors a Birdseye view of our giant 350,000 litre Native tank where you can also see shoaling fish and our deadly wolfish.

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Our Giant Pacific Octopus is now back on display